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7 Best Laundry Detergent Sheets, Reviewed by Parent

Editorial Team
Updated May 16, 2024
best laundry detergent sheets

The Lowdown

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that managing a household is a full-time job, one with low pay and precious few holidays. Because of this, I’m always on the lookout for ways to simplify different tasks and chores, from a robotic vacuum to batching lunches every Sunday.

Despite my best efforts, laundry was the one chore that I could never seem to enjoy, and as my family continued to grow, so did my dislike of constant washing. Now, make no mistake: I love warm, fresh towels as much as the next person. Still, the overpowering smell of liquid detergent, hauling an industrial-sized plastic jug down from the cabinet and back up, inevitably spilling some along the way—all these things made laundry one of my least favorite chores.

When I discovered laundry detergent sheets, I saw an opportunity to make a change but knew I needed to do some test runs before making the jump from my usual detergents. No matter how eco-friendly or lightweight they might be, I need to make sure, first and foremost, that detergent sheets can keep my home and family clean.

In order to do so, I bought seven of the most popular laundry detergent sheet products I could find, then ran each through my at-home stress tests to determine which came out on top. Ultimately, I landed on HeySunday detergent sheets as my number one pick, but I also learned some things along the way that may help you decide for yourself.

Top 7 Laundry Detergent Sheets

Even though laundry detergent sheets are a relatively new innovation, dozens of variations are available online from different companies. I’ve rounded up the best to help you determine which is best suited for your cleaning needs.

1. HeySunday

  • Tough-on-stains
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Scented and unscented varieties
  • Easy-to-use
  • Highest subscription discount
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Not dermatologist tested
  • Can only buy on their website

Although I tested HeySunday second, I suspected right away that it would be in my top three picks by the end of the process. Sure enough, by the time the last load was clean and I had gone through my notes, it was clear that HeySunday was my overall winner.

Like other detergent sheet brands I tried, HeySunday’s product is cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and comes in easy-to-store packaging that is 100% plastic-free. Even better, HeySunday is fully biodegradable and compostable, with no harsh chemicals or toxins. While I opted for the fragrance-free formula due to my daughter’s history of skin irritation, they also offer an Ocean Breeze scent that some customers may prefer.

Still, what truly sold me on HeySunday was their uncompromising approach to cleaning power. While I expected to sacrifice something for the benefits offered by detergent sheets, I was delighted to find that the HeySunday detergent sheet’s formula blasted through stains and odors even without the chemicals common to traditional detergents. The performance was so impressive that I actually dug into HeySunday’s ingredient list to verify their all-natural claims. 

In doing so, I found that some of the ingredients that help make this formula so powerful include glycerin, protease, and seven plant-based surfactants.


Finally, HeySunday offered the most value, by far, relative to its cost. A package of 60 sheets costs $20, but customers can also subscribe and save 30%, making it $14 for 60 loads of laundry. HeySunday also offers a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee with no returns needed.

Bottom Line: Hands down, HeySunday is my top pick for laundry detergent sheets. This cruelty-free and eco-friendly product is easy to store, tough on stains, and comes in scented and unscented formulas. Plus, HeySunday has the best subscription discount and a customer satisfaction guarantee that doesn't require returns.

2. Sheets Laundry Club

sheets laundry club
  • Can buy the product in bulk
  • Zero waste packaging and eco-friendly
  • Scented and unscented options are available
  • Does not perform as well on whites
  • Free shipping is only available for subscribers

If you are a Shark Tank fan, you may recognize Sheets Laundry Club. Chris and Laurian, a husband and wife team, founded Sheets Laundry Club, which specializes in eco-friendly alternatives for the laundry, kitchen, and other areas. The sheets are biodegradable and made from plant-based ingredients with no harsh chemicals. The primary ingredients included in the sheets are a surfactant derived from coconut oil and plant-based enzymes. The sheets are wrapped in recyclable packaging that is 100% plastic-free. 

The product from Sheets Laundry Club comes with and without a scent. All of the scented options are made with essential oils. Customers can purchase a pack of 50, 200, or 400 sheets. A box of 50 sheets costs $19.99 but goes down to $14.99 if you subscribe.

Bottom Line: Sheets Laundry Club came extraordinarily close to HeySunday in terms of cleaning power and convenience but was edged out due to HeySunday’s better performance on whites and slightly lower price. If you plan on buying more than just detergent sheets from Sheets Laundry Club, they may still be worth considering.

3. Zero Waste Store

zero waste store
  • Climate-neutral certified
  • Scented and unscented varieties
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Instructions are slightly vague
  • Free shipping is only offered for purchases over $50

Zero Waste Store’s laundry strips are vegan, cruelty-free, 100% plant-based, and made from biodegradable packaging. This climate-neutral certified product is available in scented and unscented varieties. Even though this product is free from allergens, Zero Waste Store still recommends its unscented variety to those with sensitive skin types. The primary ingredients included in these formulations are:

  • Sodium dodecyl sulfate (a plant-derived cleaning agent).
  • Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether (a biodegradable grease remover)
  • Polyvinyl alcohol (biodegradable polymer deionized water).

Zero Waste Store recommends using anywhere from one to three laundry sheets depending on your load of laundry. One pack of 60 sheets costs $19.99, and customers can also choose to subscribe and save 20%.

Bottom Line: Zero Waste Store’s laundry strips are a climate-neutral certified product. The brand vaguely advises using anywhere from one to three laundry strips per load, which may lead customers astray.

4. Good Juju

good juju
  • Cruelty-free and eco-friendly
  • Tough on stains
  • Both scented and unscented options
  • Free shipping
  • Scented options are not long-lasting

Good Juju offers natural, plastic-free laundry supplies that eliminate toxic chemicals and waste from your home. This product is not tested on animals and does not contain parabens, phosphates, dyes, or chlorine bleach. It is also packaged and shipped without plastic.

These ultra-concentrated sheets are tough on stains and don't bother people with sensitive skin because they are made with plant enzymes. Customers can choose between fragrance-free, Summer Rain, or Lavender Bloom scent options. 

Each package comes with 36 strips and costs $14.99. Customers are advised to use half a strip per load. For a 15% discount, customers can subscribe to Good Juju and also take advantage of their eco-friendly hair and body care products. This brand offers free shipping with no minimum purchase required. 

Bottom Line: Good Juju offers natural, plastic-free laundry supplies that eliminate toxic chemicals and waste from your home. These ultra-concentrated sheets are formulated with plant enzymes for extra cleaning power, are tough on stains, and are hypoallergenic.

5. Grove Co. Laundry

grove co
  • Sheets dissolve quickly and are easy to use
  • Tough on stains formula
  • Eco-friendly product and packaging
  • Various scents available
  • Less effective at removing grass stains
  • Not tailored to sensitive skin types
  • Subscription discount needs clarity

Grove Co. Laundry’s sheets are designed with a potent stain-removing formula. These tough-on-stains sheets are especially effective at removing tea, ketchup, and crayon stains. However, if you frequently work outdoors, remember that this brand is less effective at removing grass stains. 

These dissolvable, biodegradable, and cruelty-free sheets are made from plant-based ingredients without harsh chemicals, dyes, or brighteners. The packaging is plastic-free and 100% recyclable, and the shipping has a low carbon and water footprint. This product comes in four scents: signature lavender, thyme, and an unscented variety. Customers can save 20% by subscribing to this product.

Bottom Line: Grove Co. Laundry’s detergent sheets are incredibly popular and clean well on most tough stains except grass stains. This cleaning subscription company’s plant-based formula comes in a number of different scents, though some with sensitive skin types may struggle.

6. Eco-Living Club

  • Customers can buy laundry sheets in bulk
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Scented and unscented options are available
  • Formula is not geared toward stain removal
  • Only Canadian customers receive carbon-neutral shipping

Eco-Living Club’s ultra-concentrated strips are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard and are free of harsh chemicals like phosphates, bleach, and optical brighteners. Customers who want to further reduce their impact on the environment can purchase the product in bulk for less packaging and fewer carbon emissions. Eco-Living Club’s products are also vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and greywater friendly. 

Eco-Living Club’s laundry strips are both certified hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Customers with sensitive skin types can also purchase the unscented variety or one of the two scented options available.

One $16.99 package includes 40 strips. Customers can also save 20% by subscribing to the product. Eco-Living Club recommends using half a sheet per load unless you have an extra large load, where you should use a full sheet.

Bottom Line: Eco-Living Club’s ultra-concentrated strips are vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and greywater friendly. If customers want to impact the environment even further, they can purchase the product in bulk for less packaging and fewer carbon emissions.

7. Beyond Laundry

beyond laundry
  • USDA Certified Biobased product
  • Allergen and eco-friendly
  • Customers can buy the product in bulk
  • Scented and unscented options
  • No subscription option
  • No free shipping
  • Less effective at removing certain stains

Beyond Laundry’s sheets are a USDA Certified Biobased product that arrives in an easy-to-store, recyclable, and zero-plastic waste envelope. Allergen-free and eco-friendly, this product is available in a fresh linen scent and has recently debuted an unscented formula. This product is free of chlorine bleach and added dyes and is made up of 100% plant-based ingredients. 

The formula does include stain removal, which works best on gravy, coffee, and egg stains, but pasta sauce and lipstick stains are harder to get out. One envelope costs $8.99 and contains 32 laundry strips, which is $0.28 per load. While this product is relatively inexpensive, Beyond Laundry does not offer a subscription option, and shipping isn’t free. When you consider these factors, there may be more affordable options on this list.

Bottom Line: Beyond Laundry’s sheets are a USDA Certified Biobased product that arrives in an easy-to-store, recyclable, and zero-plastic waste envelope. While this product is relatively inexpensive, Beyond Laundry doesn’t offer a subscription discount or free shipping, which increases the price.

How Do Laundry Detergent Sheets Work?

Laundry detergent sheets are a relatively new invention in the cleaning supply space. When they come in contact with water, these new and eco-friendly products are made to break down and release cleaning agents.

Each sheet contains concentrated detergent, fabric softener, and stain removal ingredients compressed into a thin, pre-measured strip that helps you avoid adding too much detergent. When you throw the sheet into your laundry and it dissolves, the cleaning agents are released and spread evenly throughout your clothes. Throughout the wash cycle, the cleaning agents work to break down and remove any dirt and stains from the fabric. Once the cycle is complete, your clothes will look and smell clean and fresh. 

My Methodology

With dozens of laundry detergent sheets available on the market, it was difficult to narrow down our list to the top 7 varieties. Here are the criteria I considered to help make this selection:

Stain removal test

Many laundry detergent sheets are packed with ultra-concentrated stain removal. I tested each laundry detergent sheet against the most common household stains my family experiences, including coffee, pasta sauce, grass, red wine, and blood. After running stained fabric swatches through a heavy soil cycle, I analyzed each one according to the AATCC Stain Release Scale. 

Scent test

Everyone has a preferred scent when it comes to cleaning products. Some people like fresh scents better than floral ones, while others would rather their cleaning products have no smell at all. I hand picked products with aromatic yet not overpowering scents when conducting our scent tests. I also selected products with scents that lasted long after the wash cycle ended. 

Durability test

Finding faded, shrunken, or damaged clothes in your hamper is everyone's worst laundry nightmare. I ran five complete washer and dryer cycles for every laundry detergent sheet brand. Afterward, I searched for signs of wear and tear. By putting different brands through the same number of washes, I figured out which worked best and lasted the longest. 

Softness test

Individuals set a high bar for what they want to get out of laundry. They don’t just want their clothes to look and smell clean but also to be soft. Many laundry detergent sheets include stain remover and fabric softener in their formulas. After putting each laundry detergent sheet through a full wash and dry cycle, I looked at the clothes for signs of static cling, stiffness, and roughness to see how well it softened them. 

Environmental impact test

The environmental impact is one of the main reasons why people buy laundry detergent sheets instead of liquid detergent. That’s why I featured brands that went the extra mile to protect our planet. I selected brands that used zero-waste packaging, plant-based ingredients, no toxic or harmful chemicals, carbon-neutral shipping, etc. 

Key Considerations When Purchasing Laundry Sheets

If you are in the process of selecting the best laundry detergent sheets for you, here are some factors that you should consider during your search:


How well a laundry detergent cleans and removes stains depends on what ingredients are in the formula. Two of the most important ingredients to look for are surfactants and enzymes. Surfactants help break down dirt and stains, while enzymes help break down protein-based stains like blood and sweat. Look for detergents that use biodegradable and non-toxic surfactants and plant-based enzymes.


When it comes to cleaning product fragrances, most people have their preferences. Consider if you prefer fresh fragrances, like thyme or citrus, or floral scents, like lavender or jasmine. Many brands of laundry detergent sheets also sell an unscented version, which is usually made for people with sensitive skin. 

Fabric type

Consider the types of fabrics you wear most often due to preference and climate. If you live in a cooler place, you most likely wear more wool and cashmere, while those living in tropical locations wear more cotton and linen. Fabrics like silk, cashmere, wool, lace, and rayon are more delicate and may require special care when washing to prevent damage or shrinking. Check to see if your laundry detergent sheets can accommodate your most-worn fabrics. 


At the end of the day, you want a laundry detergent sheet that cleans, softens, removes stains, and leaves your clothes smelling fresh. Testing a product’s effectiveness without experimenting with it yourself can be difficult. However, you can also review online customer reviews to gauge the user experience. 

Environmental impact

Some laundry detergent brands are more environmentally friendly than others. To ensure a brand is making a significant environmental impact, look for eco-label certifications, biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients, zero-waste and recyclable packaging, and sustainable production processes. You should also look for brands that are cruelty-free and use plant-based ingredients. 


You want to choose a brand of laundry detergent that will be good for your budget in the long run. There are several fees to consider besides the upfront cost of the product. First, check to see if the company offers free shipping. If they don’t, you need to add shipping costs to the overall price of the product.

Other factors to consider are whether the company offers discounts to subscribers and what the overall price per load shakes out to. If you need to use 2-3 sheets per load, that will cost you more in the long run than a potent single sheet. 

10 Amazing Benefits of Using Laundry Sheets

Switching from traditional liquid detergent to laundry detergent sheets offers many advantages. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from this transition:

Water conservation

Laundry detergent sheets already have the right amount of detergent on them, so you don't have to guess when you pour out detergent. This keeps people from using too much detergent, which can cause more water and energy to be used during the washing cycle. Additionally, most laundry detergent sheets are made with biodegradable and eco-friendly formulas that break down naturally in water. This means that the water used during the washing cycle can be used again without any problems, saving even more water. 

Reduced waste

Traditional liquid laundry detergents are typically stored in giant plastic jugs that end up in landfills. Meanwhile, laundry detergent sheets are often packaged in compact, plastic-free, and recyclable envelopes. Laundry sheets are also already measured, so companies don't have to give customers extra measuring cups or scoops. 

Suitable for sensitive skin

Traditional liquid or powder detergents can sometimes leave a film on clothes that can irritate sensitive skin. Because laundry detergent sheets dissolve completely in the washer, no extra residue should be found on clothing. In addition, many laundry detergent sheets are made using plant-based ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals, which are less likely to cause skin irritation. 


Laundry is already a hassle that people must deal with weekly. Using laundry detergent sheets makes this process slightly less time-consuming, as users can skip a few steps. For one, laundry detergent sheets are pre-measured, meaning there’s no time wasted measuring out liquid detergent. 

Easy to use

For many people, putting in a load of laundry can be done on autopilot. That said, if you are a young adult or college freshman, you may be learning how to do laundry for the first time. Detergent sheets are great for laundry newbies, as all you need to do is throw in a sheet or a half-sheet every time you put a load in. 


Shelf space is precious if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Even a large jug of traditional liquid detergent can take up valuable real estate. On the other hand, laundry detergent sheets are typically packaged in compact envelopes that are easy to slip into a drawer or stack on top of other items. 


If you live in a city, you may not have the privilege of owning an in-unit washer and dryer. Commuting to your local laundromat with a pile of dirty clothes is already an inconvenience without adding a heavy jug of liquid detergent to the trip. On the other hand, it’s easy to slip your laundry detergent sheets into a bag or purse on laundry day. 

Consistent results

Laundry detergent sheets are pre-measured, meaning you never have to doubt whether you use the correct amount of detergent per load. Since laundry detergent sheets dissolve in the washer, they clean all of the clothes in the load evenly throughout the whole wash cycle. 


Many laundry detergent sheets are made with stain removers and fabric softeners, so they can be used to clean clothes in multiple ways. Stain remover ingredients in laundry detergent sheets can include enzymes that break down protein-based stains like blood or grass. Meanwhile, fabric-softening ingredients help reduce static and make clothing feel soft to the touch. 

Reduced static cling

Static cling on your clothes can be reduced with a laundry detergent sheet that also has fabric softener in it. When clothing comes in contact with other surfaces inside the dryer, electrons can transfer from one surface to another, creating a static charge. Using a laundry detergent sheet that is made with fabric softener can help make wearing clothes with static cling less annoying and uncomfortable.  

Final Thoughts

With this experiment, I was hoping to make a permanent switch from traditional detergent to laundry detergent sheets, and I have! After testing out 7 of the top products I could find, HeySunday was by far my favorite for the powerful clean it offered balanced against the environmentally conscious change I was after.

Not only is this product easy to use, portable, and easy to store, but the sheets also work amazingly well for my family. Not to mention, HeySunday has a significant, positive impact on the planet with its biodegradable, plant-based formula and recyclable packaging. Because of the value it offers and performance I can trust, HeySunday has certainly simplified my laundry life! 

Editorial Team
By Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
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