How Many Cigarettes are Produced Each Year?

Globally, about 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced each year — more than two cigarettes per person per day. China is the largest producer of cigarettes — in 2004, China produced 1.79 trillion cigarettes. The United States, by contrast, produced about 499 billion that year.

It's not a smoke screen:

  • About 1.3 billion people worldwide smoke.

  • About 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily — that's about 10 million per minute.

  • More men than women smoke — worldwide, about 1/3 of the adult male population smokes.

  • Tobacco kills about one in 10 adults each year — about 5 million people.

  • Someone dies from tobacco use every eight seconds.

  • In 2007, the international coastal cleanup by the Ocean Conservancy picked up 1,971,551 cigarette butts, which are the most common debris collected.
More Info: World Health Organization; Wikipedia

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I love this site. It's so true!


"Let people do what they want. It's nobody's business but their own. They can read the warning on the pack." -Anon

I don't mean to be harsh, but that was a stupid thing to say. Smoking doesn't just affect the people who smoke. I always feel really bad because several children will have really screwed up lungs for the rest of their lives, just because someone like you thought they had a good reason to smoke. Their parents smoked when their lungs were at the peak of development, and even if they didn't have kids or anyone to affect, you just don't let someone kill themselves by sucking chemicals into their bodies. That's why suicide is illegal. Smoking is just one long suicide.


This is a great site. People need to know the facts - straight up. People need support so they can get their lives back together. --M


Let people do what they want. It's nobody's business but their own. They can read the warning on the pack.


This site gives you only the necessary information and is simple to understand. I did not know, or couldn't even guess, that over 5 trillion cigarettes are produced annually.


What if every day we find someone new whom we know and trust. Would we talk to them and convince them to stop smoking, or would we stand around and let them bother us? We have to try to make people stop smoking.


Well what about children? What happens when kids are around people who smoke?


What are people thinking these days, smoking? Did Fod want us to do this? What is God thinking about us? We really should stop smoking.


i really like this site because it gives the facts that you are looking for. it has facts and reasons why people would think about stop smoking, worldwide.

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