How Many Women Have Appeared on US Paper Money?

During the history of the United States, only two women have appeared on US paper money. Martha Washington, the wife of the first US president, George Washington, appeared on the series 1886 and 1891 $1 US Dollar (USD) silver certificates. She also was on the series 1896 $1 USD silver certificate, along with her husband. Pocanontas was featured on the series 1869-1878 $10 USD notes, with the image coming from an engraving of a painting by T.A. Liebler. All other personifications of women on US paper currency have involved fictional or mythical characters, such as the goddess Liberty.

More facts about women on US currency:

  • Along with women appearing on paper money, several women have been featured on US coins. Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller and Sacagawea have all appeared on coins minted during the 20th and 21st centuries. The Susan B. Anthony $1 USD coin was produced from 1979-81 and again in 1999. Sacagawea $1 USD coins were introduced in 2000. In 2003, a limited edition Alabama quarter was minted featuring the likeness of Helen Keller.

  • The goddess Liberty has appeared on more types of US currency than any other depiction of women, whether real or fictional. She has been portrayed along with flags, eagles and even an altar on different types of currency over the years.

  • The US Mint also has issued three commemorative coins featuring women. Spain's Queen Isabella appeared on the Columbian Exposition quarter in 1893. The mother-daughter combination of Eleanor and Virginia Dare graced the Roanoke Island, North Carolina, half-dollar in 1937. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was featured on the silver dollar in 1995.

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@anon347303: I looked up the Alabama quarter image online to refresh my memory, and Helen Keller is the only person on it. Anne Sullivan is not on the coin. Miss Sullivan was not from Alabama, unlike Keller, who was born in Tuscumbia. Her home, Ivy Green, is a museum and is open to the public for tours. You can even see the pump where she learned the word "water."


Helen Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, is also portrayed with her on the Alabama quarter.

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