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Is an Indoor Putting worth Buying?

An indoor putting green can transform your golf game, offering year-round practice regardless of weather. It's a convenient, space-efficient way to refine your putting stroke and lower your scores. With various designs to suit any budget, it's an investment in your passion for golf. Ready to shave strokes off your game? Explore how an indoor putting green can be your secret weapon.
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Editorial Team

There is nothing in golf that is more intimidating than standing on the green and staring down a putt for par (or better). Between the anxiousness of not knowing whether you've chosen the right line and figuring out how much speed to put on the ball, it's a challenging scenario to practice. However, with an indoor putting mat, you can come close to simulating those conditions. Perhaps more importantly, you can use an indoor putting mat to build the confidence you need to destroy that fear and anxiety for good.

Learn why using an indoor putting mat could be great for your short game and what to look for when shopping for one.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor Putting Mats

Putting mats are a great way to work on your short game, but they have their pros and cons. On the plus side, they provide a consistent surface to practice on, and they can be used indoors when the weather outside is less than ideal or when you're stuck in the office all day. They can help you build consistent aim and a repetitive stroke.


  • You can use them year-round, regardless of the weather outside.
  • They’re great for practicing your stroke and getting a feel for distance control.
  • They can be set up and used in just about any size space.

On the other hand, they can be expensive, and some can take up a lot of space. There's also the danger of purchasing the wrong one, giving you false confidence in how the ball will roll in a real-life putting situation.


  • They can be costly.
  • The ball doesn’t roll exactly the same on an indoor putting mat as it does on real grass.
  • You have to be careful not to wear out the mat too quickly.

Not all indoor putting mats are created equal. So, it's best if we discuss what a solid choice would be.

What to Look for in an Indoor Putting Mat

If you're looking to take your short game up a notch, investing in an indoor putting mat is a great way to do it. But with so many different mats on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are a few things to look for in a putting mat:

True Rolls & Real Feel

A good putting mat should have a true roll. This means that the ball should roll in a straight line without any deviation. If the mat has bumps or ridges, it will be difficult to get a true roll, and your putting could suffer as a result.

Likewise, how your practice green feels is paramount to your success. Is the mat too synthetic-feeling or does it resemble actual grass? Since most of us play on real grass surfaces, it's essential to choose a realistic surface as possible.

Elevation Changes

It's rare to find a green that's perfectly flat. Yet, so many indoor putting mats are exactly that. Look for a mat with different levels of elevation. This will allow you to practice different types of putts and help you learn to read greens better when you're out there.

Size Matters

Make sure the mat is the right size for you and the space you plan on using it in. If it's too small, you won't be able to get a full swing, and if it's too large, it will be cumbersome to set up and take down. Be sure to measure your space and check the dimensions on any mat you plan on purchasing.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Choose a mat that's durable and easy to clean. You don't want to have to replace your putting mat every few months, especially if it's a costly one. Instead, check reviews and consider what materials the mat is built out of to ensure it's a quality purchase.

The Price is Right

How much you should spend is entirely up to you. And, as you probably already know, just because something is more expensive, it doesn't mean it's always superior. Putting mats can be anywhere between $20-$30 or several hundred. Consider how much you're willing to invest and look for indoor putting mats within that range.

Design and Extras

Some indoor putting mats come with extra holes (or flags), "sand traps," or objects to change around the elevation. Consider if variety in design is important to you or if you'd prefer a more straightforward approach.

A Putting Mat Worth Its Weight in Gold

PrimePutt sells the highest quality putting mats available to recreational golfers. And they offer the only putting mat on the market that's of the same quality that professional golfers use.

The PrimePutt tour-Quality putting mat comes in multiple sizes and its design helps golfers lower their scores by offering the same feedback they'd get on an actual grass green. It lays completely flat right out of the box and rolls true every time.

With it, you can gain more confidence with every stroke.

Final Thoughts

If you're serious about improving your short game, investing in an indoor putting mat is a great idea. Not only will it allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home, but you'll also be able to get a feel for the speed and break of different types of greens.

Choosing the right one for you comes down to what you prefer and what fits your needs. Just be sure to look for one with high-quality materials that you can practice on again and again. Soon, that anxiety on the green will disappear and you'll fist-pump your way to better scores.

With the abundance of putting mats on the market, knowing which one to choose can be challenging. Yet, among this sea of options, the best putting mats distinguish themselves by providing a truly exceptional experience. In the forefront of these elite options, you'll find our top-rated product: PrimePutt. Offering a top-notch practice platform, PrimePutt equips golf enthusiasts with a stunningly authentic golfing experience right in their living room. 

Crafted meticulously with premium materials, PrimePutt offers you the feel of real greens, mimicking the speed and break variations you'd experience on the course. Regarded by many as among the best putting mats, it gives you the ability to practice consistently, enhancing your confidence and efficiency with every stroke. So, wave goodbye to those nerve-wracking moments on the green, and say hello to awe-inspiring scores with the helping hand of PrimePutt - your personal shortcut to golfing greatness. Discover the difference that the best putting mats make to your golf game with PrimePutt.

Regarded as one of the best indoor putting greens, it provides a consistent practice platform, enhancing confidence and efficiency with every stroke. Say goodbye to nerve-wracking moments on the green and welcome awe-inspiring scores with PrimePutt - your personal shortcut to golfing greatness. Discover the difference it can make to your golf game.

Learn more about how PrimePutt can level-up your golf game.

An indoor putting mat, particularly the best putting mat available, offers a versatile platform to refine your putting skills. Whether it's a rainy day or a busy schedule, having access to consistent practice at home can be a game-changer. The best putting mat simulates the actual green, enabling you to work on your stance, alignment, and distance control with precision.

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