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What are the Different Types of Singapore REITs?

Singapore REITs offer diverse investment opportunities, including Retail REITs, with bustling malls, Industrial REITs, powering logistics and manufacturing, and Healthcare REITs, anchored in medical facilities. There are also Hospitality and Residential REITs, capturing tourism and living spaces. Each type caters to different sectors, risk profiles, and growth potentials. Curious about which REIT aligns with your investment goals? Let's explore further.
A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

Although the real estate investment trust (REIT) is a somewhat new instrument for most of the Asian market, there are now a variety of Singapore REITs differentiated by major aspects like yield, asset type, and regional operational strategy. Investors can choose between these different Singapore REITs or S-REIT offers for diversified real estate holdings in a local or international portfolio. Knowing about some of the major differences between these types of funds can help international investors make better financial decisions about their REIT choices, and to understand how these funds are likely to perform in specific economic climates.

Experts point out that the entry of the REIT tool into Singapore markets happened as recently as 2002. These days, a variety of S-REITs, or Singapore REITs, are available through regional exchanges. These real estate funds differ in the kinds of strategies they undertake to grow yields, the types of assets they acquire, and even the underlying “rules and regulations” for acquired properties.

Man holding a globe
Man holding a globe

Just like REITs in other parts of the world, Singapore REITs have different “asset makeup,” which is one way to understand the general types of S-REIT offers. These include industry REITs, which focus on commercial properties, hospital and health care REITs, specializing in medical facilities, and apartment or residential REITs.

Singapore REITs also vary by yield. A list of available S-REITs will show the projected yield for each single fund, so that investors can choose the level of potential benefit, as well as risk and volatility, included in a fund offer. Investors can also look at the various fees and commissions for each available fund. These funds may also differ in how they can be tracked and traded over Forex exchanges.

One other significant difference in types of Singapore REITs is the difference between those that look more like other international REITs, and others that exhibit a distinctly regional character. Experts are talking about “syariah” REITs in Singapore that observe some religious/cultural rules in their rental properties or other acquisitions. Syariah “compliance” can include prohibitions on alcohol, tobacco, and pork, similar to religiously motivated edicts by governments around the world. These differences are worth understanding for investors who want to become involved in Singapore REITs.

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    • Man holding a globe
      Man holding a globe