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What is a Business Advocate?

A Business Advocate is a champion for your company's growth and success, providing expert guidance, navigating bureaucratic hurdles, and fostering connections. They're your strategic ally in the complex business landscape, ensuring your voice is heard and interests are represented. Curious about how a Business Advocate can transform your business journey? Let's delve deeper into their pivotal role.
Barbara R. Cochran
Barbara R. Cochran

Many small businesses and franchises enlist the services of a business advocate to help develop and market the products or services they want to offer other businesses or industries. The burden falls to the business to convince a prospective advocate that the products or services it wants to offer will be attractive and viable options for end customers. Once a business advocate is convinced of a product or service’s potential marketability, and after a thorough study of all of its aspects, he or she will offer advice on how to further develop or make improvements on the same. An advocate may, on average, work on the promotion of five to ten products or services.

Both the business that wants to offer a product and/or service and its potential customer rely on the advocate to have superior knowledge of the same. In other words, both companies are in a position where they have to place a high level trust on the business advocate. The advocate must convince the small business or franchise that wants to offer the best products and/or services, as well as the end customer, of his or her total belief in their potential value.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

A business advocate must also convince both companies that he or she has the knowledge to inform them about what is best for each of them. In essence, the business advocate is a go-between for companies who might want to do business which each other. He or she must, at the same time, always believe in and promote the superiority and value of the product or service.

The business advocate’s role for his or her primary client is mainly that of a business strategist. He or she might recommend new software, or other aids for the small business or franchise, which might improve its delivery of the service, as well as the end customer’s user experience. Usually, the quality of the product or service offered will be improved because of the business advocate’s expertise and advice. Accordingly, the end customer then typically benefits, as much as possible, from its use. The small business that employs the services of a business advocate is motivated to initiate his or her proposals and suggestions, since it wants to turn profits.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase