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What is a Content Coordinator?

A Content Coordinator is the strategic orchestrator behind the scenes, ensuring that the flow of information and media captivates audiences. They manage schedules, collaborate with creators, and refine messaging to align with brand goals. Their expertise shapes the narrative that connects with you. How does their role evolve in the ever-changing digital landscape? Join us to uncover their impact.
Carol Francois
Carol Francois

The role of content coordinator is a relatively new development, designed to assist with the management of a company’s web site presence. When websites were first developed, the content was taken directly from printed brochures and publications. In the 1990s, it became clear that consumers preferred to learn about a company and its products from a website over almost every other method. As a result, companies were required to invest in staff and technology to keep current, thus the content coordinator was created.

A content coordinator or website content manager is responsible for keeping the content up to date, incorporating blogs, newsletters, and other tools to encourage customers to return to the site multiple times. There is no specific training program required to become a content coordinator. However, most firms require candidates with excellent written communication skills, organization, and some understanding of website technologies.

A content coordinator is responsible for keeping a company's web site content up to date.
A content coordinator is responsible for keeping a company's web site content up to date.

This position is typically found in large corporations and is most prevalent in firms with a fully developed electronic commerce site. Other firms that employ content coordinators are news or information sites, educational institutes, and government agencies. All these firms need to communicate a range of messages to a large audience. Consistency and quality writing is required to do this effectively.

Experience is the most important consideration for most employers when looking for a content coordinator. Most experience in this type of role is obtained through freelance, remote positions. The compensation for these jobs is usually piece work, with payment through online banking or third-party tools, such as Paypal®.

As technology grows and new communication tools are developed, the content coordinator will need to learn these new tools and use them to reach potential and existing clients. There has been a shift in the past few years from pull to push communication methodologies, in keeping with customer's desires. Pull communication is a term used to describe any business to consumer contract that is initiated by the client. Push communication describes business-initiated contact that is delivered directly to the client, based on their areas of interest or previous shopping patterns.

As part of the content coordinator's responsibility, all the information provided on the website and published materials is reviewed on a regular basis. It is very important to ensure all content is on message and relevant to rapidly changing customer needs. Studies have shown that sites with relevant, well-written content that is refreshed on a consistent basis have more return visitors than websites that leave the content unchanged.

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@SZapper - You're probably right. I know at some companies I've worked for new positions have been created based on a new need. Usually a person already at the office had already been doing the new job, so they were awarded a new job title.

I think these days technology gives people a unique opportunity to find a niche so to speak. For instance a content coordinator job sounds like it would be great for people with a marketing and communications background who are also tech savvy. Who knows what other positions might open up in the next few years for people with a unique skill set?


I think it's interesting how technology is creating new jobs all the time. Fifteen or twenty years ago there was definitely no need for a content coordinator. It sounds like enterprising people at businesses probably created this position when the need arose!

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    • A content coordinator is responsible for keeping a company's web site content up to date.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      A content coordinator is responsible for keeping a company's web site content up to date.