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What Is a Receipt Voucher?

A receipt voucher is a written acknowledgment that a payment has been received. It's a crucial document in financial transactions, serving as proof for both the payer and the recipient. This voucher ensures transparency and accountability in monetary dealings. Curious about how receipt vouchers can streamline your financial record-keeping? Let's delve deeper into their importance and usage.
Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

A receipt voucher is a manually written receipt for services or goods sold. This is typically used in place of a printable receipt. These receipts are typical for taxicabs, construction material, equipment rentals, and labor services. Vouchers are considered an adequate record of expenses for auditing purposes.

Most taxicab and limousine service providers use a receipt voucher for customer invoicing. This is important for business travelers who require to receipts for business trip expense reports. The voucher is an acceptable form of receipt for most companies.

Receipt vouchers are often issued by limousine companies.
Receipt vouchers are often issued by limousine companies.

Cash receipts typically require a formal receipt voucher as proof of payment. This receipt is necessary because cash is not as auditable as checks or credit card payments. When an individual makes a cash payment to a company, he usually receives a hand-written receipt as proof of payment.

A receipt voucher book is a book of blank voucher forms. They are typically available at office supply stores and include carbon copies as audit logs for the organization. When construction material is delivered to a work site, it normally includes a voucher as proof of payment and delivery of goods. The driver and purchaser of material sign this voucher.

A typical receipt voucher includes the date, time, amount, type of good sold, and a signature of the person selling the product or service. This information can be hand written or pre-filled into a voucher receipt. It is important to ensure all required information is completed or the receipt will be invalid.

Most accounting software packages include receipt voucher forms. These forms provide a standard voucher for the business to use with manual receipts. The voucher typically includes all the necessary information to make a receipt authentic.

Many concerts and entertainment events accept these vouchers as proof of purchase. These vouchers can be printed on a home computer and used as a receipt for entry into the event. Vouchers have become a standard method of printing receipts that is both convenient and efficient.

A propane gas delivery company normally provides a receipt voucher for each gas delivery transaction. This voucher includes the date, time, and quantity of gas delivered. It also includes the prices, address, and name of the customer who accepted the gas shipment.

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Always keep your receipt vouchers until you are sure that a purchase has cleared your banking account or showed up accurately on your credit card. You will have proof of your purchase should any disputes occur.

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    • Receipt vouchers are often issued by limousine companies.
      By: Vadim Andrushchenko
      Receipt vouchers are often issued by limousine companies.