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What Is a Sponsorship Package?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

The term sponsorship package typically refers to the various benefits that are offered to a business or individual in exchange for providing monetary funds. When an organization is looking for funding or attempting to put on a special event, it will typically draft a sponsorship package to send to potential donors along with the sponsorship letter. In some cases there will be a number of sponsorship packages, each of which is associated with a different monetary level of donation. The goal is often to provide an incentive to sponsor the organization or event, along with a graduated set of donation levels to encourage larger sponsorships.

Sponsorship packages can be an integral part of any sponsorship letter. By itself a letter can provide the potential donor with a wealth of information about an organization or specific event, and may even elicit a sponsorship. The sponsorship package often provides a concrete dollar amount, which can make it easier for the people in charge of administering sponsorships to follow through. In addition to suggested donation amounts, the sponsorship package can also outline potential benefits that the individual or company can expect to receive. This extra incentive may convince sponsors that were otherwise on the fence.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The contents of a sponsorship package can vary depending on the event or organization, though one major incentive for potential donors is advertising. Each level of sponsorship can include progressively larger or more easily seen advertisements, either in the form of physical banners at an event or by printing the company or business name of the sponsor on any publications. Organizations that generate reports, guides, or newsletters can offer to place increasingly prominent advertisements on these documents, depending on the sponsorship level. In the same way, event planners can offer increasingly prominent placement of signs or banners at their events.

Organizations that create reports, newsletters, or other publications can also offer free copies of these documents to potential sponsors. When this is coupled with free advertising in the document, the company can use it as a showpiece to demonstrate the concrete results of philanthropy. Event sponsors may also be provided with copies of printed material or other physical goods, though tickets or admission to the event can be offered as well.

Many philanthropic businesses and individuals like to donate money simply to do good or for the tax benefits. A good sponsorship package can provide a nice thank you, however. If the packages are clearly laid out and provide concrete benefits, they can also offer an extra incentive to those that might not have otherwise donated.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book