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What is a Turnkey Solution?

A turnkey solution is a comprehensive product or service that is ready for immediate use upon delivery, designed to fulfill a particular need without further work or intervention. It's like purchasing a fully furnished home; you simply turn the key and settle in. Intrigued? Discover how turnkey solutions can streamline your operations and enhance efficiency in our full article.
Ken Black
Ken Black

A turnkey solution is a solution that can easily be implemented based on the resources already at the disposal of a company or individual. In most cases, it is one of the more desirable ways to effect a solution, but may not be an option regularly. The imagery devised by the phrase turnkey solution conjures up that of turning a key to start a motor running.

Turnkey business solutions are often related to areas that can be revamped with relatively little effort, such as those involving software processes, for example. It is much harder to devise a turnkey solution for a manufacturing process, as another example, simply because that would likely involve retrofitting an existing facility, which may take several months and cost substantially more money. A turnkey solution, by definition, must be able to be implemented quickly.

Turnkey solutions are common in international shipping.
Turnkey solutions are common in international shipping.

One of the most common forms of turnkey solutions is in the area of shipping. If a shipper is having trouble meeting the requirements of the company, then another shipper may be substituted. An international turnkey solution, or global turnkey solution, is often used in connection with shipment issues. Finding a shipper to send things on a required schedule internationally may be considered just such a solution.

The ability to find turnkey solutions rests in the management's ability to see things from a non-traditional perspective. Often, looking at a problem through a lens of tradition and past precedence will not lead to a truly innovative turnkey solution. Rather, such practice will likely keep the status quo in effect for a very long time.

It should be noted that some problems are so substantial that they cannot effectively be handled with a turnkey solution, even if the desire to do so is there. In fact, many may try to implement such a solution when a more extensive overhaul of the system is needed. In those cases, the job of management is to recognize what types of problems different solutions can be used to correct. Thus, it is wise to be pragmatic in such cases.

If a turnkey solution is chosen, every effort should be made to bring all employees and vendors, when relevant on board for an explanation of what is changing and how that change will affect operations. Good communication is a vital component of making any new business practice work over the long term. If employees do not understand the reason for change, they will likely be hesitant to make it work.

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I have seen a lot of supposed total turnkey solutions on the internet. A lot of them require a heft fee to buy the "package". I have even saw some of these turnkey business listed with an F rating on the BBB site. I hope people stay away from these packages. You know what they say--if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


One of the things I often look for as an online business owner is having an efficient turnkey ecommerce solution using software that provides a simple shopping experience for my customers.

When a customer comes to your online store, you want to make sure they have a smooth process from getting from the shopping cart to checkout. This provides repeat business by the enjoyable ans easy shopping experience. Not all online businesses use the streamlined process and cause loss of business or repeat customers.

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    • Turnkey solutions are common in international shipping.
      By: gwen0
      Turnkey solutions are common in international shipping.