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What Is BPO Data Entry?

BPO Data Entry is the process where businesses outsource their data entry tasks to specialized service providers. This strategic move not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also allows companies to focus on core activities. By entrusting data to expert hands, firms can leverage the power of information without the overhead. Curious about how BPO Data Entry can revolutionize your business operations?
C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

BPO data entry is a business process in which one company outsources certain data entry tasks to another. Data entry usually involves extracting key facts from dense documents, compiling and updating databases, and converting numbers into workable statistics, among other things. It is often easier for companies to assign some, if not all, of these tasks to outside companies that specialize in data entry. This saves the source company time and money, and allows it to focus more wholly on its core competencies.

The term BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, encompasses a wide range of different activities. Companies often elect to begin using BPO when their client list grows, when they are looking at expanding, or even when they just want to explore more cost-effective means of conducting day-to-day business. BPO usually includes much more than just data entry outsourcing. Anything from customer service call center staffing to web data analytics and Internet traffic management can be done by a dedicated BPO team.

A corporation looking to digitize its annual reports might use BPO data entry.
A corporation looking to digitize its annual reports might use BPO data entry.

Most of the time, the companies who perform BPO data entry are focused exclusively on business outsourcing services. These kinds of companies often market themselves as outsourcing specialists, and frequently handle the data of multiple clients at once. They are usually staffed by a number of trained specialists who can work around the clock to deliver the contracted results.

In BPO data entry, the job usually revolves around taking data in one form and converting it to another. Data entry can be as simple as converting a recorded meeting into a written transcript, or as complex as inputting data from disparate forms and reports into readable, searchable material in a website database. These kinds of services are necessary for companies to grow, change, and remain relevant, but are often incredibly time-intensive.

Specialists use a number of BPO strategies and BPO techniques to ensure the proper conversion of their data entry outsourcing assignments. Digital scanners and software-based word identification tools are often used. Much of the work is manual, as well. Working in data entry usually involves a lot of reading, re-typing, and re-formatting, where accuracy is essential.

Many companies will contract for BPO data entry as a part of a larger package of services. Data entry is often done in conjunction with other on-going data analysis tasks. Depending on the service, BPO data entry can also sometimes be contracted on a per-project basis.

A company like a law firm that needs only the data from a certain case file repackaged might contract with a BPO systems provider for limited BPO data entry. Similarly, a corporation looking to digitize its annual reports, or make its corporate directory more easily accessible, might outsource these projects individually, rather than tasking them to a salaried employee. Using BPO data entry services is often more cost-effective than paying an an existing staff member to do the same job him or herself.

There is no shortage of BPO data entry companies available today. They are located all over the world, however, their workers are not always situated where the company’s headquarters are. Many data entry specialists work remotely, or in offices offshore. Any corporation considering BPO data entry would be wise to research the service providers, with special care given to their data security measures, before sending over information. This is especially true where sensitive corporate or client information is concerned.

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    • A corporation looking to digitize its annual reports might use BPO data entry.
      By: thinglass
      A corporation looking to digitize its annual reports might use BPO data entry.