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What is eBusiness?

eBusiness, or electronic business, is the seamless fusion of technology with commercial processes, allowing transactions to be executed online. It encompasses everything from online shopping to automated customer service, revolutionizing traditional business models. By streamlining operations and reaching global markets, eBusiness offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Wondering how it can transform your enterprise? Let's examine its potential impact together.
Brendan McGuigan
Brendan McGuigan

Ebusiness is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet, or utilizing Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a business. In a more general sense, the term may be used to describe any form of electronic business —- that is to say, any business which utilizes a computer. This usage is somewhat archaic, however, and in most contexts this term refers exclusively to Internet businesses.

The most common implementation of ebusiness is as an additional, or in some cases primary, storefront. By selling products and services online, such a business is able to reach a much wider consumer base than any traditional brick-and-mortar store could ever hope for. This function is referred to as ecommerce, and the terms are occasionally used interchangeably.

A woman running her eBusiness.
A woman running her eBusiness.

An online business may also use the Internet to acquire wholesale products or supplies for in-house production. This facet is sometimes referred to as eprocurement, and may offer businesses the opportunity to cut their costs dramatically. Even many ebusinesses which operate without an electronic storefront now use eprocurement as a way to better track and manage their purchasing.

In addition to buying and selling products, ebusiness may also handle other traditional business aspects. The use of electronic chat as a form of technical and customer support is an excellent example of this. An online business which uses chat to supplement its traditional phone support finds a system which saves incredible amounts of time while providing opportunities unavailable through traditional support. By using virtual computer systems, for example, technical support operators can remotely access a customer's computer and assist them in correcting a problem. And with the download of a small program, all pertinent information about the hardware and software specifications for a user's computer may be relayed to the support operator directly, without having to walk a customer through personally collecting the data.

Using email and private websites as a method for dispensing internal memos and white sheets is another use of the Internet by ebusiness. Rather than producing time-intensive and costly physical copies for each employee, a central server or email list can serve as an efficient method for distributing necessary information.

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Discussion Comments


Is 'e-business much more than a strategic initiative'?


I like to make jewelry and I want to try selling it online. Does anyone have experience with sites like Etsy or other craft selling sites? Were you able to make money?

I have talked to a few people that have gone the Etsy route and heard really mixed responses. Some people sell more than they ever imagined and others struggle to just get noticed. Does anyone have tips for maximizing my sales online?

I basically have an e-business, but it is different than what most people imagine when they hear that word. I work as a freelance writer and almost all of the work that I produce is content that will be posted online. In that way, I have a business that relies on and supports the internet.

I know that the internet boom has been both a positive and a negative for freelance writers. There is lots more work to be done, but in a lot of cases the rates of compensation have been reduced. like a lot of other professions, we are still trying to figure out how to make the internet work for ourselves and our customers alike.


I am not fully aware of how payment is made? What are the procedures and how do I trust someone concerning the quality of goods without seeing and physically touching them? What are the chances of fraud during the delivery of goods and payment?


does ebusiness include stores such as Ebay and amazon?


I have a question for anyone who the answer to this question or can point me in the right place to find the answer.if you have an E-business do you have to pay tax on it,and all the normal things that you have to do with a normal brick and stone business.


can just any one tell me the evolution and roles of e business? i need it very urgently. Please at least tell me where can i find information about it. i looked it up it and I'm not getting the proper info and I'm not understanding which website to use.


How long is the range of ebusiness could be extent in global marketing? Is it limited to any certain aspect?


e-business is the business done for global marketing, and ofcourse it is done through internet.


I just got it now. I was in doubt about E business, which I was thinking is a normal business, but when I saw what is E Business on internet it really helped me to understand the E Business description, which is Electronic Business and this is the sort of business which uses electronics, For example, online you can buy any thing over internet so this is what is called E business -- a business you do online. Qudratullah


I think that e-business is a easier way of receiving merchandise whether it be from an online business or just an e-business.


what is the positive impact of eBusiness from a social perspective and the negative aspects of eBusiness from a social perspective?


how e-commerce and e-business affect the hotel and restaurant industry?


What impact do you think e-business has had on the global market place?

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    • A woman running her eBusiness.
      By: nyul
      A woman running her eBusiness.