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How do I Arrange to get Child Support by Direct Deposit?

Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson

Child support is typically governed by each state independently. To receive child support by direct deposit, the recipient must contact the child and family services department in his or her state and then request that payments be received in this fashion. Sometimes, this request can be made by phone, online, or in person, but the local office can likely suggest which method is best.

It is very common to receive child support by direct deposit. In order to ensure that payments are deposited accurately, the child support recipient should be prepared to provide all relevant information to complete this automated transaction. Such information would include the child support case number, bank account information, as well as any other relevant details.

Papers about paying child support.
Papers about paying child support.

Each jurisdiction has its own version of a child and family services agency. Each individual agency may have different eligibility requirements for child support by direct deposit. Local agencies can likely provide any relevant information regarding eligibility and other requirements for direct deposit of child support payments.

Child and family service agencies are, in many areas, acquiring more automated services, sometimes monitoring accounts online and setting up automatic child support payments. Some agencies may even offer automated services through mobile phone applications. There may be fees involved in using these types of automated services, but for some recipients of child support, this makes the child support transaction easier.

In order to receive child support by direct deposit, the recipient must be able to provide adequate bank account information. This includes bank account number and routing transit number. These numbers tell the agency which bank, branch, and account to deposit the funds into. When finalizing the details, the agency should advise the date of the first deposit, so the recipient can be sure to check their account and validate the arrival of funds. Once the account is set up to be paid by direct deposit, the transaction is automated and will continue until the child support payments end.

Many government agencies require that the recipient of the child support advise the agency when the child turns 18 years old. This is generally the time that child support is terminated. Failure to communicate this information can result in hefty fines in some areas. Not only will the funds be required to be returned, but the fines would be added to the funds received after the child turned 18 years old. In some rare cases, child support payment continues after 18 years old, such as when the child enters post secondary school.

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    • Papers about paying child support.
      By: Hedgehog
      Papers about paying child support.