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How do I Choose the Best LLC Books?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

You must understand the kind of information you need to form and manage a limited liability company (LLC) in order to choose the best LLC books. Such information includes whether an LLC is right for you, who should manage the LLC, and setting up the tax status of the LLC. Begin your hunt for LLC books by searching the Internet and your local libraries, making sure to read any available reviews before purchasing or following the instructions of any one book. Also, don’t overlook other valuable LLC resources. Such resources include attorneys, other limited liability companies, and special government organizations or programs.

Simply put, you want to look for LLC guides that explain the purpose of creating an LLC, how to create an LLC, and how to manage an LLC. Digging deeper, the book you choose should explain the ins and outs of LLC creation and management. Look for materials that explain whether an LLC or one of the other types of business structures is best for you. Make sure the LLC books you consider explain the various ways the LLC can be managed, and whether it’s best to have members or a president manage the company. Also, make sure the book thoroughly explains tax-related information including setting up the tax status, the process of pass-through income taxation, and all associated paperwork.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

LLC books aren’t your only sources of information. An attorney who specializes in limited liability companies and other business structures can help you form your LLC as well as prepare you for properly managing it according to your government’s specifications. Plus, in addition to helping you set up and manage your LLC, forming a relationship with an LLC attorney could help you in the future if your limited liability company ever faces a legal situation.

Contact the government organization or program in your area that handles the creation and management of limited liability companies. These organizations are designed to help people form and properly manage limited liability companies, and often provide both verbal assistance and information via a website. Your organization might also provide free or low-cost LLC books, guides, and other resources.

Also, don’t forget the valuable information you can gain from any other LLC members, presidents, executive officers, or managing directors you might know. These people have been through exactly what you’re facing and can provide accounts of firsthand experience. You’ll still want assistance from LLC books and other legal or government resources, but you’ll benefit from being able to bounce ideas off someone a bit closer to home.

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@raynbow- You are correct, taxes on an LLC are filed differently than individual taxes. This is why creating an LLC with books alone might not be a good idea.

While you can certainly find informative LLC books online and in libraries, you should also consult with an attorney to make sure that all of your business issues are in line. At the very least, you will need to talk to a tax preparer who understands LLCs so that you are sure that you are getting off on the right foot with your new business.


Is is difficult to set up an llc simply be reading llc books? I've heard it is an easy thing to do, but that the legal and tax issues can add confusion to the process.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase