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What are Stackable Coupons?

Stackable coupons are a savvy shopper's secret weapon, allowing the combination of multiple discounts on a single purchase for ultimate savings. Imagine layering deals like a pro, slashing prices beyond a single promo code. Ready to unlock the potential of your next shopping spree? Discover how to stack your way to the biggest bargains. What savings could you uncover?
O. Wallace
O. Wallace

With hikes in gas prices and housing outstripping average salary raises, people are looking for new ways to save money. Clipping coupons has become a veritable hobby for some, and a necessity for many cash-strapped families. Using stackable coupons is one technique by which thrifty shoppers maximize their savings.

The way these coupons work is that several different coupons are "stacked," or used in conjunction with each other for several discounts in a single purchase. For instance, if you purchase an item online, you can stack a 10% off coupon with a free shipping coupon and a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. Of course, using stackable coupons is only possible with a vendor that allows more than one coupon or discount per purchase.

When looking for stackable coupons, make sure that you read the fine print. The key words to look for are limit one coupon per purchase. If you find this disclaimer, you cannot stack the coupon.

Several different coupons may be "stacked" together for use in a single purchase.
Several different coupons may be "stacked" together for use in a single purchase.

Some merchants and online stores only allow one coupon or discount per purchase, while others allow as many valid coupons you can throw at them. According to coupon "experts," the best places to use stackable coupons are higher-priced supermarkets, because they are willing to discount more often than discount or no-frills stores. They are often more willing to double coupons and allow you to use manufacturers' coupons in addition to their sale prices.

Stackable coupons can result in surprising savings.
Stackable coupons can result in surprising savings.

Finding new ways to save money with stackable coupons has become such a big business that there are numerous web sites at which frugal consumers can find shopping lists to use in conjunction with their weekly clipped coupons, swap coupons, or share places to find coupons or deals. Because many merchants do not advertise these coupons, consumers must rely on shared information to find and take advantage of these saving opportunities.

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Discussion Comments


If any store has a limit of one coupon per purchase, can we use a stackable coupon code at that store?


I went shopping the other day and I had a coupon for soup. It was a buy five cans, save 1.50. Well I used four more coupons in addition to that. Even though the first coupon said it was for five cans. I asked the front desk if that was acceptable and they said no but I tried anyway. And it accepted it! So I got five cans for $2, when they were originally 1.65 a can.


@baileybear - I absolutely agree with you and that's why I donate things myself and only keep what my family needs (plus maybe one or two extras). Of course, there are the rare laptop coupons or notebooks coupons that I will not buy more than one of. Those don't usually have a match up, but if we ever find those and don't need it, I would more than likely donate it to a student in need.


@empanadas - I agree with you that stackable coupons are great, but I think some people go a little too far. There are literally thousands of videos (and people) that coupon and stockpile all sorts of stuff they don't even really need. I think that time investment would be better spent donating the excess to a shelter, home, or charity, don't you?


@bestcity - That really IS interesting. I use coupons all the time and love the fact that I can stack them at places like Target and Walgreens. You can also find many stackable coupon codes online for places like Amazon. Just last month they had stackable codes for diapers up to about 70% or 80% off the original price.


Some interesting facts I came across regarding the use of coupons.

Educated people and wealthier people use coupons more than their less educated and poorer counterparts.


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    • Several different coupons may be "stacked" together for use in a single purchase.
      By: trekandphoto
      Several different coupons may be "stacked" together for use in a single purchase.
    • Stackable coupons can result in surprising savings.
      By: Ljupco Smokovski
      Stackable coupons can result in surprising savings.