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What is a Guarantee Certificate?

A Guarantee Certificate is a document that assures the holder of a product's authenticity or a service's quality. It's a promise from the issuer to stand behind their offering, often including repair or replacement terms. This certificate can be a significant trust-builder between businesses and consumers. Wondering how it can protect your investments? Let's explore its benefits further.
Christine Hudson
Christine Hudson

A guarantee certificate is an object, contract, or general company policy that guarantees customer satisfaction. This satisfaction can be that the product or service provided was up to the customer’s standards or that the product or service can be returned or refunded within a certain amount of days. These certificates may sometimes come with different stipulations, so it is normally recommended that the customer read the guarantee thoroughly to understand it fully.

Any company or business can include a guarantee certificate with its services or products. Often times, customers will be more inclined to buy the product or service if it comes with a guarantee certificate, so it is in the company's best interest to include one. This certificate gives the customer a sense of security with her purchase. If they are not fully decided on whether this product is what they want, the customers may still buy it if it comes with a certificate.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

These certificates can come in many forms and have many distinct purposes. The most common form is a contract that states the product can be returned within a certain amount of days, commonly for a full or partial price refund. A certificate could also be a sign on the inside of a salon stating that if the customer is not happy with their service, she may receive compensation. Another type of guarantee certificate is a price guarantee, which normally states that if a customer can find the same product offered at a lower price, the merchant will either match or beat that price.

Comparison shopping is a widely practiced technique of the common consumer. Consumers are generally more informed than they were in the past, and know how While two retailers may offer the exact same product, it is not uncommon for a customer to be willing to pay a little more to purchase from the retailer which offers a guarantee on the product. Thus, these guarantees supply safeguard benefits to both the customer and the retailer or company.

Guarantee certificates are normally a smart move for most companies. They may help a customer feel safe and more confident in shopping at that location and boost sales. A guarantee certificate may also help build a good reputation, and good policies will most likely make people want to come back. These certificates typically are simple to create and can be tailored or customized to fit both the company's and the customer's needs.

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Discussion Comments


I always read the guarantee certificate in detail when I buy something that has to be installed. Sometimes a company requires that they themselves or an affiliate company install the product for the certificate to count.

I don't want to take any risks and have a different company install if it is something expensive. Because if it has to be replaced, I will lose more money than what I saved from the installation. I wish it wasn't the case, but I understand they have to make money too.


Sometimes I think that the guarantee certificate is used to lure customers. I think companies are just as aware as us that products with a guarantee appear to be a better buy. But they make the actual process of refunds and repairs so difficult that you end up not benefiting from these services at all.

It has happened to me several times that the products I purchased came with a guarantee certificate that basically had no information on it whatsoever. It was just a piece of paper that said "guarantee certificate" and had a code on it. It didn't even have a signature, a phone number or a logo on it.

I know that some companies work very professionally and they provide real certificates and take care of repairs and returns very well. But I'm not so sure about others. I think a few of them throw in a guarantee certificate just so they can write about it on the product.


Don't most manufacturers require a form to be mailed back to them for the guarantee certificate to be approved though?

I do prefer to buy products that come with a guarantee but I never understand the form they ask me to mail back to them. To be honest, I'm too lazy to fill it out and usually throw it away.

Why doesn't the guarantee certificate become applicable as soon as the item is purchased?

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone