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What Is CPM Field Marketing?

CPM Field Marketing is a dynamic strategy that puts brands directly in touch with consumers where they live, work, and shop. It's about creating memorable experiences that drive engagement and sales. By leveraging personal interactions, CPM campaigns turn everyday encounters into opportunities for growth. Want to see how this approach can transform your brand's presence? Join us as we unveil the power of CPM Field Marketing.
Osmand Vitez
Osmand Vitez

CPM (cost per impression) field marketing is a specific marketing approach that tracks marketing activity by impressions. It often relates to Internet advertising ads placed on websites, though it can also relate to physical advertisements. Field marketing carries the basic definition of an advertisement that influences customers at a point of sale. Common forms of CPM field marketing may include merchandising, brand presence, and direct sales. Many different types of companies can use this practice in their businesses, both in online retailing and physical stores.

Impressions in advertising represent any advertisement or marketing tool placed in front of a customer. Internet ads, for example, typically use space on a retailer’s website pages. Businesses pay for the ad based on the number of clicks customers make on the advertisement. The number of impressions, however, represents the number of times the advertisement appears on any page of the website. Companies find CPM field marketing effective because they pay for either impressions or clicks on the advertisement depending on the agreement with the website owner.

CPM field marketing typically involves tracking website marketing activity.
CPM field marketing typically involves tracking website marketing activity.

Field marketing as a tool places advertisements "in the field," such as in a store or where other merchandise exists. For example, when shopping at a clothing store, a brand name company may place ads and displays in specific departments. In this case, CPM field marketing represents the number of impressions a customer sees of the display. Companies use displays and other field marketing techniques to place advertisements directly where customers shop, often called merchandising. The number of impressions depends on the customers who visit the store and see the display.

Overall, CPM field marketing requires a plan just like any other business activity. Many companies engage in these activities in order to extend brand presence. Not all forms of marketing or advertising will increase sales. CPM field marketing, however, does increase the company’s brand awareness among consumers. Effective brand presence means a company will usually be at the forefront of a consumer’s mind when shopping for specific goods.

Direct sales represent another aspect of CPM field marketing. This method removes middlemen from the sales and marketing process for companies. For example, a manufacturer can implement a retail website in order to directly sell its goods to consumers, avoiding any supply chain members. CPM field marketing allows the company to place ads for their products on the website as customers check out and purchase goods. This allows for up sales when a customer purchases goods.

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    • CPM field marketing typically involves tracking website marketing activity.
      By: bloomua
      CPM field marketing typically involves tracking website marketing activity.