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What is Partner Relationship Management?

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a blend of software, processes, and strategies that companies use to streamline business processes with their partners. It enhances collaboration, drives sales, and fosters loyalty by optimizing communication and managing shared resources efficiently. Ready to see how PRM can transform your business partnerships? Let's examine its impact on your network's success.
Ken Black
Ken Black

A partner relationship management strategy seeks to improve business processes through better communications between a business and its channel partners. In some ways, it is closely related to customer relationship management. The term is usually specifically applied to relationships between businesses, however.

There are a number of different forms that this strategy can take. In some shipping and receiving departments, for example, suppliers must deliver within a certain time frame. In the busiest of locations, that window could be as little as 30 minutes. When traveling across a large geographic region, that can be a hard target to hit.

Partner relationship management typically refers to improving relationships between businesses.
Partner relationship management typically refers to improving relationships between businesses.

Using software and other communication tools often provided through a partner relationship management strategy, suppliers, shippers, and the end users can keep in constant contact with each other. This means the end user will be able to know where each item is each step in the process and when to expect it. Depending on the situation, this may allow a factory to adjust production so that the entire operation does not shut due to supply concerns.

It is also important for a manufacturer and reseller or retailer. On this side, the software allows the producer to understand when a certain product is in demand and allows that producer to adjust his processes to make more. Without this benefit, a manufacturer would need to wait for an order from the retailer or reseller. That could delay the process and thus allow both sides to miss out on valuable sales.

In addition to communication, partner relationship management can also provide services in other areas. It may include a partner loyalty component, for example, which provides a benefit to both companies. As those relationships are solidified, it provides a good customer base on which both can depend.

Though the idea of forming business-to-business relationships is not a new idea, the extent to which it is taken in this situation is. With the growth of the Internet, businesses can be in closer communication than ever before. As business become more specialized in the services they provide, it is creating a greater interdependency between them and, therefore, a need for enhanced relationship management applications. With products and suppliers located all across the globe, a better system for real-time communication is also needed.

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This is why video and audio are becoming increasingly important. In order to generate an environment where ideas can be shared freely, it is necessary for people to be vulnerable and able to listen and speak in turn, just as in normal face to face etiquette.


Business protocols on the internet seem risky and people tend to fear putting their input online, due to the fact that people usually type harsher things than they would actually say vocally.


Conference calls and skype are becoming increasingly important tools for business partners who live on the other side of the world from each other. Translation techniques and technologies are also being developed which will soon bridge the world and make the internet into a hub of empowerment.

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    • Partner relationship management typically refers to improving relationships between businesses.
      By: endostock
      Partner relationship management typically refers to improving relationships between businesses.