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Where can I get Free Legal Advice?

Navigating legal matters can be daunting, but free legal advice is accessible through various channels. Community legal clinics, pro bono services from law firms, and legal aid organizations offer invaluable support. Universities with law schools often provide clinics where law students assist under supervision. Ready to empower yourself with legal knowledge? Discover how these resources can guide you through your legal journey.
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Many professional attorneys offer a free initial consultation for potential clients, but this is not always the same as offering free legal advice. While the initial meeting may be free, the attorney is often simply evaluating the merits of the case and any possible out-of-court settlements. Any subsequent meetings can be considered billable. What many people need is legal advice on matters ranging from immigration status to bankruptcy to civil lawsuits that is truly free. This kind of information is readily available in many countries around the world, but locating sources is not always easy.

One source of free legal advice is as close as your telephone. Different companies sponsor pre-recorded legal and medical topics as part of an interactive phone service. These services may be listed in standard phone books, either as a separate section or within the advertising section. Callers can receive free advice by dialing the special code corresponding to any of the the assorted topics. Some of the information may only be general, but many people find answers to basic legal questions by listening to the recordings.

Lawyers may perform pro bono work where they represent clients without charge.
Lawyers may perform pro bono work where they represent clients without charge.

Another source of free legal advice is often provided to those whose incomes fall under a certain level. Local human resource departments may sponsor legal aid centers for those who cannot afford to hire an attorney themselves. These centers are usually staffed by younger attorneys or other legal professionals who are required to work pro bono, meaning for the good of the community. These attorneys can offer free advice on most legal matters, along with legal representation during court proceedings.

Free legal advice may be available over the telephone by calling services staffed by attorneys.
Free legal advice may be available over the telephone by calling services staffed by attorneys.

A new source of free legal advice has emerged with the growth of the Internet. A number of websites now feature advice from established professional lawyers, judges and educators. Some of this exists in the form of pre-existing topics, similar to those found in the phone service mentioned earlier.

Other online services allow users to pose legal questions in online chatrooms or message boards. These posts are usually answered by legal experts or by other participants who have faced similar circumstances. Some free websites allow subscribers to email participating professionals directly for specific advice and counseling.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular SmartCapitalMind contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular SmartCapitalMind contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Discussion Comments


My boyfriend just got arrested and i need some legal advice. We went to go do a police record check to get our place. When we went, they made us wait. Two police officers came and arrested my boyfriend. I asked them why and they said he is a big man and he can tell me himself.

I asked him and he said for immigration. I know he had not resolved a letter he got in the mail. He is being detained right now I and I am waiting for his call right now.

Last weekend, he had a warrant on the Quebec side because of a ticket. We went the same day we found out and paid the ticket and they said to keep the receipt. I am not sure if they didn't process the warrant yet or what to think. I need some knowledge.


Recently I signed a contract with a recruitment agency and in the terms and conditions, it stated that if I were to terminate before the first day of work or during the first three months of work, I will need to pay the liquidated damage to the firm, however the commencement date had been delayed twice. Will I still need to bear the liquidated damage cost if I withdraw from the contract due to the delay of work?


My partner and I do not get along well anymore. We were together for four years and have two children 4 and 2 years old. We are not married. I want him to leave and he doesn't want to. What recourse do I have? I own the house we live in.


I am 17 years old living in the state of missouri. I live in a transitional living program I am very curious about how many rights I have for myself. My guardian has refused to take me home numerous times and has showed many cases of emotional abuse.

I am interested in becoming a qualified minor so I can make the decisions that your guardian usually makes for you. The program I live in is in a confused position. They are not aware of the state law for 17 year olds. I am in desperate need for your advice. Please please help.


I am reviewing a substitute trustees deed and the notary public did not note when the commission expires or place a seal on the document. The new trustee is only identified by the words "known to me". So how can this be a legal document?


I just turned 18 and I moved to my uncle's house. I live in a camper that is parked on the side of the house, and I am applying for government assistance.

I know that you can claim a camper as a separate home on taxes or for insurance purposes. I need to know if I can legally say that I am the only person in living in my household.


I really need legal advice on this matter. Last year 2010 my company terminated me for no reason, so I filed a case against them. Same year the case was resolved and we signed a letter that we can be rehired along with that is a clean record so we can apply to another company.

Now I went there to my previous company to re-apply, but they say that I am not allowed to come back, I am not eligible for rehire. But on the letter from our arbiter it says that they can rehire me. Is there any case that I can file back regarding this concern.


I have an employment contract which states that I am at will employee for two years. How does this work in the court?


I was terminated from my job and was asked not to contact my clients. Is there any legal reason I should not contact my clients? I am no longer working for them, so would it just be considered an act of "poor taste" or something? I'm worried that my former employer is telling them slanderous statements.


I was accused by my former boss during a meeting that ended in my termination of stealing from clients and not honouring a contract. They will not take legal action (mostly because it would be pointless) but I am worried about this affecting my reputation and career.

Since the accusation is false, but a serious accusation, is this considered slander? Or is it slander only when it has been passed on to a third party?


I was just wrongfully terminated from my job, and after some investigation, I found that I am an employee instead of a contractor as I had been told previously. Are there any legal consequences for this?


I got a call from a loan company saying i have to pay them $1,095 today or they will be sending my case to a grand jury because they say i supposedly got a loan from them and never paid it back. The bank they say they sent it to is an account i closed in 09. They also have my full social and the employer i had in 09.

They called me from a California number but tell me to call them from a number registered in NY and the voicemail has no company info.

I'm scared about having to go to court but i believe i'm being scammed.

I was told the contract i signed online says they would only contact me through email. The email account they claim they sent 41 emails to is one that I don't use, really. I can't find the emails they said they sent, but i do have around 3000 emails that are unread.

Does this sound legit? What should I do?


i was married for seven years. When we were married three years, his mom gave us a home for free. now we're a few years down the road and getting a divorce and we're about to go file here in a few weeks.

come to find out the home was a donation from his mother and he went and signed the title. is it true i have to leave the home with my two kids?. i have been a homemaker this whole time. Do i have to go find a job? i was wondering if i had to leave? -shyla


I am worried about termination from my employment. I was hit by a car last year and have been unable to work since than. I have been on medical leave. It has been a year and I guess my protection has ended. If they fire me, am I unable to collect unemployment? If they fire me can they blackball my name? I work for Kmart if it makes any difference. I have been employed at Kmart since april 2004 to present.


I live an apartment and there are lots of problems. many of the walls are out. The lights do not work, i mean a whole bedroom. my heater has not worked since october 09 and brown water comes out of the tub, sometimes when running the water.

There are roaches, gaps in exterior door frames, a drug dealer lives next door and breaks windows, plays loud music at 8:30 a.m., and I guess the last straw is my toilet broke today and I called the manager and told her it was so bad that the toilet paper is not even getting pulled back. he told me to buy a trash can and after wiping to throw my toilet paper in the trash, not to flush it and take my trash out every day.

I am at a loss for words. This is so unsanitary and I told her no. She said if she sends out a plumber she would charge it to me and it won't be until Friday. Now I have a non-working toilet for two days? is that legal?


are text messages legally binding agreements between seller/buyer? if the seller says he accepts my offer via text message, but we never sign a purchase agreement. am i holding anything more than a verbal agreement?


Please help me to decide on the case of one of our employees. HR issued her a memo as follows: 1. Delayed Submission of reports which is tantamount to seven days suspension. 2. Delayed submission of Petty Cash Liquidation which is also tantamount to seven days suspension and at the same time. 3. Revealing confidential information without the consent from authority which is tantamount to termination of employment. I am very confused if the said employee is already subject for dismissal. Kindly give me inputs on how to justify her case and if subject for termination kindly teach me on how to explain to the Management that the subject employee is subject for termination. thank you


talk to your dad so that he can get full custody of you. You will need to collect evidence of the things your mom's boyfriend is doing. any kind of evidence of her neglecting you and police reports, and of course the reason why you don't want to live with your mom anymore. Give your dad the evidence and let him take it to the judge. You can also call child protective services on your own and tell them you don't feel safe. make sure you tell your mom about this so that she knows what is going on. maybe she will realize that she is wrong for bringing him around. This man seems dangerous and it could be that your mom is afraid of him. and maybe that is the reason why she keeps letting him come by. So don't be angry with her, i am sure she loves you. Just tell her that she needs to call the police on this guy and keep him away or else you are going to leave the house. I know that sounds crazy but this guy doesn't seem well and it is scary for you and your mom. If he starts acting crazy, take the phone quietly without anyone noticing, and call 911. they will interrupt the problem and deal with it.


can i file for a legal separation without my husband agreeing to it or him signing any papers?


I am 17 years old and there has been a lot happening in my home since I've been 13. It isn't like I want to leave home and be with a boyfriend or friend, I think that if I moved in with my grandmother I could get things done. I have been out of school for a year and i've been trying to get my mother to get me discharged from my old high school so I could at least take GED classes. I need glasses and she hasn't gone to get the copy of my medicaid card. On top of all of that there was a situation with my ex step father that caused a lot of problems in my house. My mother never took actions to get an order of protection against him for me. He violated my privacy being a peeping tom and video recording me taking a shower. The only reason he couldn't get arrested is because he took the camera with him when he left the house. And as much as I begged my mother to never speak to him she still has a relationship with him and brings him into the house when we (all the children) are not home.

My mother and I haven't seen eye to eye in many years but it's just getting worse and I can't handle it. I can't live with someone that I know doesn't love me. I am speaking out now because I know it will help me. My mother will not agree with me living with my grandmother so what legal steps could I take and would it be possible to find a way to live with my grandmother.

** my father has half custody of me and he lives close to my grandmother and he is willing to help me however he can.**


You shouldn't only consider legal advice. Litigation isn't the only way to get your problems solved. There are plenty of forms of alternative dispute resolution that can solve your problems equally as well and cheaper! Mediation (settlement with the assistance of a neutral third party) and conciliation (i.e., on the phone mediation) are just a couple. Plus, these services are sometimes offered for free if you qualify. Or call a local law school which often set up clinics to help the community with conflicts. Run a search for "center for conflict resolution" or alternative dispute resolution" and include your location, like "Los Angeles" and you'll find some good starting points. You'll be surprised once you start searching around what free advice opportunities are available to you!

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    • Lawyers may perform pro bono work where they represent clients without charge.
      Lawyers may perform pro bono work where they represent clients without charge.
    • Free legal advice may be available over the telephone by calling services staffed by attorneys.
      By: Aleksndr Login
      Free legal advice may be available over the telephone by calling services staffed by attorneys.
    • Lawyers may post advice online for common legal issues.
      By: elnariz
      Lawyers may post advice online for common legal issues.
    • Many lawyers will offer free consultations to advise clients on the basics of a claim.
      By: Africa Studio
      Many lawyers will offer free consultations to advise clients on the basics of a claim.