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What is a Tax Attorney?

A Kaminsky
A Kaminsky

When a taxpayer has problems with the US Internal Revenue Service, or a state department of revenue, he may be able to solve it himself. With the intricacies of US tax law being what they are, however, he may find himself better served in hiring a tax attorney.

A tax attorney specializes in working with taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS or state revenue department. In fact, they generally focus only on tax issues and relief. An attorney can help a taxpayer in trouble make it through an audit, have fines reduced, liens removed, and can navigate through the minefield of small business and self-employment tax issues.

Tax attorneys may help tax payers through an audit.
Tax attorneys may help tax payers through an audit.

Many small business owners consider their tax attorney to be as vital as their accountant. This is because a good attorney can help head off tax problems before they even begin. He or she can see potential trouble spots for a business and can advise the owner how to avoid them.

US tax law is not only labyrinthine in structure, it also changes nearly every year. A tax attorney should keep up with the latest changes and can advise clients accordingly. He or she may also be helpful when setting up trust funds, stock portfolios and the like, so a taxpayer doesn't run into unexpected surprises on April 15.

A tax attorney works with taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS.
A tax attorney works with taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS.

A person looking for a tax attorney shouldn't call the first one listed in the phone book. He should look around, ask friends, or even his personal attorney (if he has one) to recommend a good tax specialist. As a prospective client, the taxpayer should look for an attorney with extensive experience in dealing with the IRS, resolving debt management cases, and in working with real live taxpayers. He should also ask the attorney for references. The taxpayer should also make certain that the lawyer is a member of the American Bar Association and the state bar association. A client should also make sure he knows what his attorney's rates are and make arrangements for payment early on in the consultation process.

If a taxpayer finds himself in over his head where the IRS is concerned, he should certainly consult an attorney. Tax fines tend to snowball, and it is always in the taxpayer's best interests to get problems solved while they are still relatively small ones. Waiting until the last minute to seek help could be extremely costly, and might result in jail time for the taxpayer, as well as higher legal fees. Money invested in the services of a tax attorney can be considered a wise investment for a taxpayer.

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I found I needed a tax attorney when I received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS. I contacted the IRS and was extremely frustrated that I could not get anywhere with the agent on the phone. Out of desperation I used a search engine to find a tax attorney and was glad to get in to contact with the JG Tax Group.

Their associates informed me of why I was receiving the Final Notice of Intent to levy, why a tax attorney should be brought in to assist me with tax relief for my tax liability debt, and how I could avoid the pending wage garnishment as well as bank levy from the IRS. Without the help of JG Tax Group and their tax attorney I would have lost funds from my bank account as well as my wages that would have left me financially devastated. This is a situation where I found myself in dire need of a tax attorney and am glad I found relief from a firm I can trust.


While it is true that any lawyer you choose should be a member of the state bar, there is absolutely no reason that they need to be a member of the American Bar Association. ABA membership indicates nothing more than a willingness to pay the annual dues. It does not indicate anything about an attorney's proficiency.


This is a very interesting site. Information about all types of legal matter and the way those matters are handled is present here. You would not like to take a chance in a legal matter to handle yourself if it involves a lot of money or if it is really serious. --alex


A tax attorney does not have to be an accountant. He may have a law degree and know nothing about accounting. Taxes are described in Title 26 of the United States Code.


Is a tax attorney an attorney and an accountant?


how do you become a tax attorney?? what should be the qualification in order to accomplish it?


Depends on whether you work at a big 4 or a law firm.


How much does an average tax attorney make a year? How much does a good tax attorney make a year?

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    • Tax attorneys may help tax payers through an audit.
      By: Alexander Raths
      Tax attorneys may help tax payers through an audit.
    • A tax attorney works with taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS.
      By: Aaron Chen
      A tax attorney works with taxpayers to solve their problems with the IRS.