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What are Some Different Types of Advertising?

Holly Collins
Holly Collins

Advertising is used to publicize a product, service, or idea. Many types of advertising are available for the purpose of building brand awareness and increasing product sales. Advertising is present in almost every aspect of daily life.

Before deciding what types of ads are best, it is important for a company to define the audience they want to target. The specific group which a product is marketed towards is their target audience. Demographic information such as age, gender, education, and income level helps define a target audience. Placing your message in advertising venues focusing on this group, or demographic, is called target marketing and is essential to effective advertising.

Print advertising arrives in mailers or magazines.
Print advertising arrives in mailers or magazines.

Print mediums like magazines, brochures, and newspapers allow the marketer’s message to reach their target audience on the page. Magazines include articles and images intended to attract a specific type of consumer. Magazine publishers have extensive demographic information on their readers, allowing marketers to tailor advertising to speak specifically to their potential customers.

Newspaper ads are one form of advertising.
Newspaper ads are one form of advertising.

Broadcast advertising includes TV, radio, and Internet messages. Traditional forms of these kinds of advertisements are commercials shown during a television program or before a movie. Product placement advertising is a less obvious way to promote a product. With product placement types of advertising, companies pay to have their product used by a character in the program. When you see someone in a TV show or movie using a specific brand, this is product placement, or covert advertising.

A sandwich board is a form of outdoor advertising.
A sandwich board is a form of outdoor advertising.

One of the first instances bringing product placement to the public’s attention was in 1982 when the movie E.T. was released. In this movie, characters are seen eating Reese’s Pieces® candy. Sales of Reese’s Pieces® increased substantially as a result of their visibility in this incredibly popular movie, generating publicity about the effectiveness of this type of advertising.

Outdoor advertising includes billboards.
Outdoor advertising includes billboards.

Internet promotion is one of the newer kinds of advertising and can be accomplished in a number of ways. Flash advertising refers to messages that jump onto your computer screen and often move around. They can be hard to close and are annoying, but effective at gaining your attention.

Pop up and scrolling ads are other examples of these types of advertising. Pay per click advertising refers to marketers paying to have their web pages placed high on search engine results pages. These are also called sponsored links.

Outdoor advertising utilizes billboards and signage. These types of advertising include using cars with promotional messages on them, or large signs placed on the sides of buses. They can also be signs on scoreboards or in stadiums drawing the attention of large crowds and television coverage at sporting events

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Discussion Comments


Sunshine31-Newspaper advertising is not as effective as it was before because of the advent of other types of advertisements.

For example, the internet has shown explosive growth and more people get their news from twenty four hour news programming on cable or the internet.

Print advertising is more effective with regards to magazine advertising because it is more targeted. A magazine has a specific viewership that can be measured and if your target audience falls within that market than it is a perfect match.

Newspaper advertising offers more mass appeal and does not yield the same results. These types of print advertising should be used but it really depends on your product or service.


Oasis11-I know that strategic radio advertising is also effective. For example, Rush Limbaugh has over twenty million listeners daily. Advertising on his show would be costly as a result but it will get the company name recognition fast.

For example, a company by the name of Shari’s Berries started advertising on his show and now the company is everywhere and everyone wants to buy them.

Proflowers, Red Envelope, and Cherry Moon Farms all carry Shari’s Berries. I would not be surprised to see these featured on Oprah’s favorite things.

Rush Limbaugh offers personal testimonials. This piques the listener’s curiosity of the advertised product and creates more demand which is one of the best types of advertisement.


Crispety- There are really different types of television advertising. For example, there is the traditional television ad that runs when the show takes a commercial break and then there are product placement advertisements that are displayed during the course of the actual television program.

Product placement is when an actor uses a product with a brand name as a prop. These are deliberate placements and the advertisers are paying to have the actor use their product on the air. This gives the brand additional exposure than they would normally have because most people tune out commercials, but will not turn off the program that they are watching, so you really have no choice in watching these subliminal commercials.


There are various types of advertisements. Depending on your target audience and your budget you will determine which forms of advertising that you will do.

Advertising costs are highest in television especially during prime time or during the highest rated shows.

A thirty second spot during the Super Bowl will cost about $1,000,000. But having an audience of 70 million during that run might make a lot of sense if you have the budget.

Traditional advertising commericials for a national audience is usually very expensive and can cost several hundred thousand dollars to produce.

Sometimes a station may produce the ad for you for free or for a very low fee in order to run your commercial.

This is when you see some homemade looking commercials running on regular stations. That is the drawback to these types of commercials is that the quality is often lacking.

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    • Print advertising arrives in mailers or magazines.
      By: Johanna Mühlbauer
      Print advertising arrives in mailers or magazines.
    • Newspaper ads are one form of advertising.
      By: Feng Yu
      Newspaper ads are one form of advertising.
    • A sandwich board is a form of outdoor advertising.
      By: robepco
      A sandwich board is a form of outdoor advertising.
    • Outdoor advertising includes billboards.
      By: David
      Outdoor advertising includes billboards.